My trials by Meteor-scatter

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The first I met with MS in small HAM meeting in 1986. Anybody (I don't now who) demonstrated his cw and ssb contact in old tape recorder. It was sci-fi for me. I believed that I never work by MS.

Never says never. About five years later, I read interesting article about MS traffic and I decided tried it. The first attempt was try caught any reflections during Perseids 1992. I was surprised. I heard many dx stations and worked 2 qso ssb random. Both were one-burst qso. My equipment was 25w and 10el Yagi.

I acquired another articles about MS. I began listened every Perseids on ssb random. Results were bad. I did not sleep two nights and worked only 1 or 2 qso. I increased power to 55W and started arranged sked via packet, but successful was only 25% - still bad. From 1998 I started worked by HSCW and using sw MSDSP. My first qso was with F8DO. Successful was 80%, it was not bad (still 55W and 10el Yagi).

No QRM in band, because there are worked MS only about 5 HAM in OK around 1998 year. Work with coputer help was not easy for me. My HAM-shack is in former outhouse. There is cold from October to April. I had only one computer. I moved computer, monitor, cables, ... there and back. It was not prepare earlier then 30 minutes. I lived in Nachod from August 1999 to September 2003 and I worked only 1-2 hours per month during my parent's visits.

WSJT qso started in 2001. It is FSK modulation and signal is made and detected by computer. It is very effective. Now we can work MS almost whole year and whole hours of day. HAM's worked by MS is now many times more and expeditions are more too. HSCW is rare, now.

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