About me

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Welcome in my pages.

My name is Petr Nemecek. I was born in 1970 and I live in village Radim. It located about 15 km west of Kolin in central Bohemia. The nearest town is Pecky. The village has about 1000 inhabitants.

My father and my older brother was HAM too and in Radim worked club station OK1KOL. I have had private license OK1UAK since 1990. From September 2006 I use OK5TK on HF and from 2007 on VHF too. We can read about my first steps there Ham radio

Because I met my on-coming wife, I moved to Nachod in 1999. It is town in northeast part Bohemia near Poland border. Radka is teacher and she taught at near town Nove Mesto nad Metuji history at school. We got married at Nachod in 2001 and my daughter IVANA was born in 2003. We moved back to Radim on September 2003.

Next my hobby has context with HAM: geography, meteorology, astronomy and astronautics. And history, but it is other story.

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